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Coach Freddie James, created wealth thats is worth over $21,420,000.00. In 14 years at David W. Carter High School, he was able to get an average of 17 young men a full scholarship each year to division 1A & 1AA universities as well as college. This total would come out to 238 students athletes durning his time at Carter from 1971 to 1995. In addition to that the 238 students athletes who received full scholarships would increase if we added the students he help at other high schools in the Dallas and Forth Worth Metroplex. If was nothing for Coach James to tell a college recruiter about another athlete at a rival school. "Go check out this kid, he's a great student athlete." The average annual public college tuition, plus expenses comes to $18,000 and when you multiply 5 years of scholarship tuition your educational cost will come to $90,000. Now take 238 athletes multipled by the $90,000 and the total cost of college tuition paid will net $21,420,000.00.

Above you will find 99 student athletes head shots sent from college head coaches. These are all that where left from a transitional period from 1999 to 2013. Either they where misplace or removed but Coach James and his coaching staff are responsible for 75 of these divison one student athletes above going to college ranging from 1971 to 1996. Due know that David W. Carter is more than a school, we are a community and with that said we are all family and "The Carter Cowboys" brand helped all 99 student athletes above enter into college changing there lives forever. It was not a question if the students athletes where going to college. The question was which college would you go to depending on your academic and athletic performance in the classroom as well as on the football field.

Thanks you Coach Keck, Coach James, Coach Chambers and Coach Wilson for all that you have done and the sacrifice you made in order full each student athlete to have the oppurtunity to earn college education.