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How Do You Beat Hard Hitters In Pickleball?

The name alone evokes images of sunny days, friendly competition, and a whole lot of fun. But as any seasoned player knows, this beloved sport can also bring some serious challenges – especially when facing off against hard-hitting opponents.

With their powerful shots and relentless aggression, these players can quickly turn a friendly game into a daunting battle. But don’t let those hard hitters intimidate you.

As someone who has faced them on the court many times, I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be. That’s why I’ve gathered some of the best strategies for beating them at their own game.

So let’s get ready to smash those hard hitters with some expert advice and take our pickleball game to the next level.

What’s a Banger? A Definition.

Pickleball is a sport that attracts players of all levels – beginners, intermediates, and advanced. However, there is one type of player that can be a formidable opponent on the court – the pickleball banger. But what exactly is a banger in this sport? Let’s delve into its definition.

A pickleball banger is a player who deviates from the established rules and guidelines of the game. They may serve from behind the baseline, which is not permitted, or miss hitting the ball twice before it crosses over to their opponent’s side.

Bangers are commonly found at all levels of play, and oftentimes have less understanding of pickleball compared to other players.

Playing against a pickleball banger can be a frustrating and challenging experience. However, with the right strategies, you can easily defeat them on the court. Here are some tips and techniques to help you conquer a pickleball banger in a match.

  • Exploit their lack of knowledge: As mentioned earlier, bangers may not have the same level of understanding about pickleball as other players. Use this to your advantage by following the rules and using strategic shots to force them into disadvantageous positions. This could include aiming for their weaker side or playing close to your end line.
  • Remain calm and focused: Facing a hard hitter can be intimidating, but it’s crucial to stay calm and focused on your own game. Don’t let their powerful shots sway you from your strategy. Keep your mind clear and concentrate on your shots and tactics.
  • Keep moving: When facing a hard hitter, it’s essential to keep moving on the court. This allows you to anticipate their shots and position yourself better for returns. Don’t stand still and wait for the ball – actively move towards it.
  • Utilize soft shots: Hard hitters are often fixated on returning powerful shots, so using soft shots can throw them off their game. Try incorporating drop shots or dinks that land close to the net, making it challenging for them to return with force.
  • Vary your shots: Another effective way to defeat hard hitters is by mixing up your shots. Rather than consistently returning the ball with the same level of power, try changing the speed and direction of your shots. This will make it harder for them to anticipate and return your shots.

Target their weaker side: Every player has a weaker side, and bangers are no exception.

Strategies to Neutralize Bangers

These bangers, as they are commonly referred to, can be formidable opponents, but with the right tactics, you can neutralize their ferocious striking ability and emerge victorious. In this section, we will delve into effective strategies for handling these powerhouses in pickleball.

Grasp the Height Zones

The first step in disarming bangers is to comprehend the height zones on the court. The green zone is your prime territory for attacking, while the red zone is where you should play defensively. By being mindful of these zones, you can anticipate your opponent’s shots and position yourself strategically.

Exploit the Transition Area

Many players see the transition area as a “No Man’s Land,” but it can actually be a tactical advantage when playing against bangers. Instead of staying back and letting your opponent dictate the game, utilize the transition area to seize control of the point and push your opponent out of their comfort zone.

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Strike a Balance Between Macro and Micro Focus

When facing a hard hitter, it’s essential to maintain a balance between macro and micro focus. This entails keeping an eye on both the big picture (the overall game strategy) and the finer details (individual shots). By having a dual focus, you can anticipate your opponent’s moves and make strategic decisions.

Predict Out Balls

Bangers often rely on their brute force to win points, but they are also prone to hitting out balls. By observing their movements and backswings, you can predict when they are about to unleash an out ball and position yourself accordingly.

Master the Art of Volleys

Volleying is a crucial skill in pickleball, particularly when facing hard hitters. By mastering various types of volleys and knowing when to use them, you can effectively return your opponent’s powerful shots and keep them on their toes.

Cultivate a Winning Mindset

A strong mindset is key when facing bangers. It’s crucial to stay focused, confident, and resilient, even in the face of your opponent’s thunderous shots. Remember that every point is an opportunity to turn the game around, and a positive attitude can make all the difference.

Drills for Blocking

First on the list is the ever-convenient wall drill. Using a wall as your partner, you can fine-tune your shots, footwork, and reaction time without needing a human counterpart. By varying the height and speed of your shots, you can simulate different game scenarios and enhance your overall control and consistency.

Of course, as pickleball is a game of doubles, practicing with a partner is crucial. Doubles drills allow you to work on team strategies, positioning, communication, and cooperation. Not to mention, it gives you the opportunity to face off against different playing styles and shots from your opponents.

For those of us who struggle with blocking against power hitters, the fireball drill is a must-try. This drill requires precise ball control, a strong serve, and quick reflexes. The goal is to keep the ball in play and improve your reaction time and precision.

Next up is the Terminator drill. This one simulates a high, weak ball and focuses on driving shots across the net. Mastering this skill is essential for maintaining control and putting pressure on your opponents.

Moving on to the survivor drill, where the goal is to keep your opponents at bay while advancing towards the non-volley zone. This drill hones in on your positioning, footwork, and reaction time.

The mid-court crisis drill is perfect for working on defense and neutralizing high shots. By practicing this drill, you’ll be better equipped to handle challenging shots and turn the tables on your opponents.

For those looking to practice third shot drops, the back and forth drop shot drill is an excellent choice. Not only does it help with your drops, but it also improves other strokes and builds consistency and control in your shots.

Last but certainly not least is the offensive-defensive drill. This one focuses on perfecting your volleys in a game-like scenario. Alternating between offensive and defensive shots, you’ll be able to fine-tune your skills and take your blocking abilities to the next level.


In conclusion, taking on hard hitters in pickleball may seem like a daunting task, but with the right strategies and mindset, it is possible to emerge victorious. By exploiting their lack of knowledge and staying calm and focused, you can neutralize their powerful shots. Utilizing soft shots and shot variation also adds an element of surprise that can throw off even the most skilled hard hitters.

Moreover, understanding the height zones on the court, mastering volleys, and predicting out balls are crucial skills in taming these formidable opponents. These techniques require precision and quick thinking, which can be honed through purposeful drills.

From solo wall drills to doubles team drills, consistent practice will elevate your game and improve your blocking skills against hard hitters.